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Bravenn Dehill, is an American musician, singer and songwriter from Lorain, Ohio. Known for his introspective lyrics, catchy melodies and variegated vocals. Bravenn has gained acclaim for blending multiple genres and sub-genres of hip hop, pop, R&B, dance and trap. Dehill has been mentioned in Apple News, Yahoo News and multiple top tier publications.

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    Submit your beats to Bravenn! He is currently working in his debut release after signing with ProducerLife. All beats will be heard by the label A&R’s, Bravenn and his team. For referencing he’s looking for a mixture of Fleetwood Mac, Post Malone, MGK, Jack Harlow type beats.

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    Apple News

    The multi-platinum awarded music producer has decided to sign his first artist – Bravenn Dehill...

    Yahoo! News

    Tahan recently signed his first recording artist - Bravenn Dehill to lead the label. Dehill will...

    Digital Journal

    Tito Tahan and his newly signed artist Bravenn Dehill are creating music for projects releasing...

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