Bravenn DeHill, is an American musician, singer and songwriter from Lorain, OH. He is known for his introspective lyrics, catchy melodies and variegated vocals. He’s gained acclaim for blending multiple genres and sub-genres of hip hop, pop, dance, R&B, reggaeton and country. 

Coming from a family of musicians, Bravenn is no stranger to music and is well invested with his natural talent for music. His uncle plays guitar in a local cover band, his mother and grandmother also both sang in the choir at the local Cornerstone United Methodist church, he also played the drums at his family church and graduated from Brookside High School in 2017.

In February of 2021, Bravenn signed a record deal with ProducerLife Records, a subsidiary of ProducerLife, which is a global end-to-end platform that monetizes content for recording artists and record labels, founded by Tito Tahan.


One of a Kind ☝️

DeHills debut single, titled; One of a Kind was set to release on Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 (10-10-2023) however in-light of technical issues he had to release it one month early. The single is produced by Multi-Platinum Record Producer, Tito Tahan.

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    Submit your beats to Bravenn Dehill! He is currently working in his debut release after signing with ProducerLife. All beats will be heard by the label A&R’s, Bravenn and his team. For referencing he’s looking for a mixture of Fleetwood Mac, Post Malone, MGK, Jack Harlow type beats or something that is a new sound unlike current popular vibes. Make sure to include key, bpm and type beat in file title. Thanks!

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    Bravenn DeHill has been featured and mentioned in Apple NewsYahoo News and multiple top tier and local publications. If you’re interested in interviewing Bravenn or have a press inquiry please use the contact form below.

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    The multi-platinum awarded music producer has decided to sign his first artist – Bravenn DeHill...

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    Lorain musician Bravenn DeHill, set to release debut single 'One of a Kind`` this October 10, 2023. DeHill said...

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    Bravenn DeHill announces his first live performance at FireFish Festival on September 16, 2023....

    Hip Hop Since 1987

    DeHill’s debut single, ‘One of a Kind,’ is about overcoming personal struggles and embracing...

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    The Morning Journal News Paper. Multi-genre Lorain musician Bravenn DeHill set to drop first project...

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    Tour Dates 📅

    Bravenn is currently preparing for a tour in the first quarter of 2024, offical tour dates and cities, yet to be announced. To stay up to date with his upcoming tour dates make sure to subscribe here and follow his SongKick and BandsInTown accounts for up to date details about his events and tours

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